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Here are the cutest bear quilt block patterns that are super easy to make…..
I got to participate again in Riley Blake Designs blog tour for this new fabric series called ‘Into the woods’ by Lori Whitlock.
I totally saw myself in a wooden cottage with a fireplace. The cottage standing in the middle of the mountains, bears roaming through the forest, a Hot Cocoa in my hands while I read a book in front of the fire place.
Doesn’t this sound Devine for the autumn weather we’re having right now?
As some of you know I used to live in Vancouver for quite some time and this fabric series brings back some of my best memories in Whistler or on Vancouver island.
But Aspen and Lake Tahoe come to mind as well, right?

bear cottage quilt block pattern series

bear cottage quilt block pattern series
This quilt block pattern series consists of 2 bear quilt blocks, a bear paw quilt block, a little cottage quilt block, a hot cocoa quilt block and I added my maple leaf quilt block just because it completes this series so perfectly. I designed it especially for this Riley Blake Designs fabric series and called it ‘Bear cottage’.
All of these quilt blocks will be stunning by themselves, but will make up very nice ‘cottage themed’ projects as well, such as pillowcases, table runners, mini quilts, apron and much more.
Actually this would be a beautiful full on quilt as well, wouldn’t it?

cottage quilt block

bear cottage quilt block
The little bear cottage:
This super simple but cute cottage quilt block pattern is perfect for fussy cutting.
I placed the plaid pattern in the windows, so they look like window frames. But you could also place little faces in those windows and make a super sweet little cottage with this cottage quilt block pattern.

bear portrait quilt block

bear portrait quilt block
The bear portrait:
A bear portrait quilt block is a a great quilt block for a pillowcase. I especially love it if you add some hand quilting to the outline of the bear quilt block.
I do have a whole series of animal portraits in my shop, and they would look adorable on a kids bed, don’t you think?

cup cocoa quilt block

cup cocoa quilt block
Hot cup of cocoa quilt block:
A hot cup of cocoa is the epitome of coziness, right? And a red plaid cup with some sugar cane beats even that, isn’t it so? Can’t you just see yourself in some plaid onesie sitting in front of the fire place drinking your hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream?
This hot chocolate quilt block pattern will be perfect for all sorts of kitchen related sewing projects. Think apron for Christmas, tea towel, oven mitt and much more.
Let me know what other ideas you have for this cup cocoa quilt block pattern.

bear quilt block

bear quilt block
The bear:
I always wanted to design a bear quilt block, that wasn’t as cute as my Barney the Bear quilt block. This fabric series was the perfect inspiration for that.
I made this bear quilt block into a polar bear quilt block. Just because the colors matched so perfectly. But this bear quilt block is perfect as a brown or black bear as well.
​Now he needs a name as well, don’t you think?

maple leaf quilt block

maple leaf quilt block
The maple leaf:
​I just couldn’t resist and add this maple leaf quilt block pattern to this ‘Bear cottage’ series.
The fabric series just asked for this maple leaf quilt block to be added.
Having lived in Canada for so long adds a little bit of home to this fabric series.

bear paw quilt block pattern

bear paw quilt block pattern

The bear paw quilt block pattern:
No ‘Bear cottage’ quilt block pattern series without the bear paw quilt block, right?
The bear paw quilt block is an absolute classic.
Usually the bear paw quilt block is made out of squares and half square triangles (HST). And sewing this bear paw quilt block in its classic way will make up a whole sewing tutorial by itself. It’s a beginner friendly traditional piecing quilt block pattern.
But you know me for being foundation paper piecing addicted, so I decided to make this classic pattern in to a paper pieced pattern.
This has some advantages.
You do not need to do complicated calculations for the squares and HST in order to figure out how to get a 8″x 8″ or 10″x 10″ quilt block. Just print the bear paw pattern, and you will get the perfect size.
This bear paw quilt block pattern is also beginner friendly in its foundation paper piecing version. It’s actually a pattern that doesn’t take much longer than half an hour to sew.
No pre cutting the fabric, just start sewing right away.
And precision is a given with foundation paper piecing.

​You will get the bear paw quilt block pattern for free with the purchase of the bear cottage quilt block pattern series.

bear cottage quilt block patterns

bear cottage quilt block patterns
Thank you Riley Blake Designs for the opportunity to design a quilt block pattern series  and for supplying the absolutely adorable fabric series designed by Lori Whitlock ‘Into the woods’ that I used in this quilt pattern series.
What do you think? Ready to cozy up in front of the fire place?
Let me know in the comments the projects you would love to sew with these quilt block patterns.
​Happy sewing

Ingrid x


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