The cutest Christmas quilt pattern ever

Rocking around the Christmas tree, is the name for my newest Christmas quilt pattern.


Christmas quilt ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’
You think it’s still a little early for Christmas sewing? Well that’s what I thought
when I started this Christmas quilt 3 weeks ago. Little did I know, I just turn around and it’s September….
So I guess it’s the perfect time to start Christmas projects for the favorite season of the the year.
Christmas quilts are always special and remind us of cozy winter evenings with a hot cup of coco, right? Snow outside makes this picture even more perfect.
So let’s get into the Christmas spirit a little early this year.


Star quilt blocks
This Christmas quilt pattern includes some of my favorite quilt block patterns.
The best thing about this pattern is, that the quilt blocks that I used for this
Christmas quilt are super easy and quick to make.
This quilt pattern is a simple patchwork pattern for a stunning Christmas quilt.
And while I really love traditional Christmas quilts with simple shapes for cute fabric scraps, I really think this Christmas quilt pattern is simple enough,
but gives you  stunning results. And you can use fabric scraps as well as a whole Christmas fabric series.

Here I show you all the quilt blocks , that are needed for this Christmas quilt.
As you can see there are several different star quilt blocks, all of them super easy to make, and two rocking horses. The rocking horses are 16″x 16″ in size and therefore also not difficult at all, since no small pieces are involved.
These are the three star quilt block patterns, that make up for most of this Christmas quilt pattern.
I made one of the stars quilt blocks after another.
I started with sewing all the sections of each star quilt block first, then I assembled the sections for each star quilt block pattern.
​That way you get a little bit of a chain workflow.

The 5-point star quilt block is my favorite quilt block for fussy cutting.
The Christmas fabric series that I got to use for this quilt pattern by Art Gallery Fabrics  features an adorable nutcracker print. The print size is perfect for my 8″x 8″ 5-point star quilt block. So I used the little nutcrackers in each one of these 5-point stars.

A light box is not necessary, but if you’re fussy cutting a lot, like me, than it sure makes your life a lot easier.
You can place the fabric onto the light box, wrong side up, and just place the segment on top of the desired part of your print. I use a fabric glue pen from sew line, so the image stays perfectly in place. My Lightbox has a clear cutting mat, so I can cut right there on the light box, which makes my quilting even more simple.

As you can see, the sunny star quilt block is just as fun and simple to make. Make sure you remove the paper from the seam allowance and press often. This guarantees a perfect 8″x 8″ size of your quilt block, and straight side seams and corners.

This large star quilt block is 16″x 16″ in size and you only need 4 for this Christmas quilt pattern. It is also a perfect pattern for Christmas pillowcases.
I called it blowing in the wind star, because it reminds me a little bit of small pinwheels.
This star quilt block pattern is brilliant for a quick Christmas gift.


rocking horse quilt block
And last but not least the cutest little rocking horse that inspired me to the name of this Christmas quilt…. ROCKING AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE….

I finished this quilt with some hand quilting.
In this video I show you how to bury the know while hand quilting.
Tie a knot at the end of your thread. Enter your quilt with the needle at any random place inside the batting in the center of your quilt sandwich and come out where you want to start your quilting. Pull the thread slowly till the knot gets to the fabric. Now you give your thread a little tug that way it slips nicely inside of your quilt sandwich.
In case it doesn’t, you can spread the threads of your fabric a tiny bit, so the knot can get through, and use your nails to push them back together again.


‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’ Christmas-quilt-pattern

Thank you so much to Art Galley Fabrics for supplying the absolutely adorable 
Cozy and Magical fabric series designed by Maureen Cracknell that I used in this quilt pattern.
I hope you are now slowly getting into the Christmas spirit, and you like this
Christmas quilt pattern as much as I do.

Happy Christmas sewing

Ingrid x


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