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How can you sew a quick and easy face mask at home?
As it becomes more and more evident that we will all be wearing face masks soon whenever we go out, I ‘ll show you a quick and easy way to make your own face masks. You’ll probably want to make several face masks, as they should be washed frequently, preferably after each wear.
This is a free face mask pattern.
The CDC says homemade cloth masks can help slow the spread of the coronavirus.
These fabric masks can help protect you in places like the grocery store, public transport, pharmacy and so on, where it’s harder to keep a safe six-foot distance from other people. This works best if everyone wears them because people who don’t have any symptoms can still be spreading the virus.


As more information about the coronavirus pandemic develops, some of the information in this blog may have changed since it was last updated. For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit the online resources provided by the CDC, WHO, and your local public health department.

What’s the best fabric to use for a home made face mask?

Researchers tested the effectiveness of a wide range of materials for homemade masks. They measured how well the materials you have in your household could capture and filter small particles.
Test data shows that the best choices for DIY fabric masks are tightly woven cotton materials, such as sheets, or other cotton materials. Using a double layer of material for your DIY mask adds a small increase in filtration effectiveness.

Other research found that the most effective masks were constructed of two layers of heavyweight “quilters cotton” with a thread count of at least 180, or had a thicker and tighter weave.
As I am a quilter, and have a ‘small’ selection of quilters cotton in my home, this pattern is made with quilters cotton on the outside and cotton sheet as a lining.
This face mask pattern has 2 layers of cotton fabric.
Fabric and material requirements:

  • Outside and lining  fabric : any tight weave cotton fabric ( washed)
  • Elastic band or cotton ties or ribbons , to tie the mask behind your head
  • small wire approx. 3″, for a better fit  around your nose( I use wire twist ties for plastic bags)
  • Fabric scissors or rotary cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pins or clips
  • Sewing machine and thread

Cut list for three sizes of face masks

Men/ large :
Outside fabric: 10”x 7,5”
Lining fabric: 7”x 7,5”
Elastic band approx.: 2 x 9”
if you’re using cotton ties or ribbon, you need 4 strips of approx. 15”-18” length. If the ties are too long, just cut them down to the size you need.
Women/ medium:
Outside fabric: 9”x 7”
Lining fabric 7”x 7”
Elastic band: 2 x 7,5”
Children/ small:
Outside fabric: 8”x 6,5”
Lining fabric: 6,5”x 6,5”
Elastic band: 2 x 7”


Cut the fabric and elastic depending on the size you want to sew.


Place your fabrics right sides together leaving a 1″ seam allowance on each side.
If you want, pin or clip in place.

First you sew one seam about 1/4″ from to edge. ( If you used pins or clips, you take them out now)
Then place the wire centered between the two layers of fabric against your seam.
Fold the fabric back right sides together and sew a second sean about 1/8″ from the previous seam.


Then sew a third seam, again with a 1/4″seam allowance, along the bottom edge.


When you’re done sewing,  turn the face mask right side out  and iron the seams.

Fold 2 evenly-spaced 1/2″ pleats. Pin or clip in place and sew to secure.  the width of your mask should be about 4″ for the large mask ( 3,5″ for the medium mask and 3″ for the small one.)


Fold over the seam allowance at the sides twice 1/2″ and pin in place.


insert eleastic , or ribbon or cotton tie as shown above. In case your ribbon or cotton tie is too thick you can just attach it on top as well.


With a 3/8″ seam allowance, sew each side of the facemask with two seams. Backstitch over the elastic or fabric ties to secure them.


And there it is, all done 🙂


I made two of these masks for my husband and son,
Guess ( from the fabric used :-)) what kind of work my two men are doing?
happy guessing 🙂
Are you looking for something fun ?
How about these two beauties? Fun face masks for Mr. and Mrs 🙂
You can shop the pattern here.


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