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A design collab with Riley Blake Designs – ‘From the heart’ fabric collection by Sandy Gervais

Everybody needs pot-holders in the kitchen, and if they’re this cute, even better, right?
So how about pulling out some fabrics and getting started?
These are super easy to make and will be a perfect gift for any passionate cook.

quiltted pot-holders
‘YOU’RE-MY-CUPCAKE’ pot-holders

‘You-are-my-cupcake’ Sewn Pot-Holders (finished size 8″x 10″)

Fabrics needed per pot-holder: – finished cupcake quilt block 8″x 8″

– cut 2 pieces of fabric for backing 8 1/2″x 10 1/2″
– cut 1 piece of fabric 8 1/2″x 8 1/2″ for pocket lining
– 1 piece of fusible interfacing 8 1/2″x 8 1/2″ for pocket
– 1 piece of fusible interfacing 8 1/2″x 10 1/2″ for backing
– 1 piece of insul-brite 8 1/2″x 10 1/2″ for backing
– cut 1 strip of fabric 1 1/2″x 10″ as binding for pocket
– cut 1 strip of fabric 2″x 6″ or use ribbon for hanging tab
– bias tape 2″x 40″ for pot-holder binding

How to Sew the Potholder

Finish the cup cake quilt block  ( shop pattern here ) in size 8″x 8″
2. Cut all of your fabric pieces as mentioned above.

3. Iron on fusible interfacing to your quilt block.
Then lay pocket lining piece of fabric face down on flat surface and lay quilt block face up on top of it. Clip or pin in place.

4. Quilt as desired, to hold these layers together.
I did 1″ diagonal squares. I used my acrylic ruler and a fabric chalk pen to draw the lines.

Drawing the lines with a fabric chalk pen
Drawing the lines with a fabric chalk pen

5. Trim to 8″x 8″ size.

6. Iron on the fusible interfacing to one of the backing fabrics.
Place the other backing fabric face down on a flat surface. Position the insul-brite on top of it and finish off with the backing/fusable interfacing piece, face up.
Pin or clip all three layers in place.
Quilt as desired, I did 1″ diagonal squares again, as with the pocket piece.Make the hanging tab: ( or use a strip of ribbon)
– Fold the 2″x 6″ strip in half lengthwise and press. Fold in 1/4″ seam allowance on each long raw edge and press again.
– Stitch with small seam allowance.
– Fold the tab in half and clip in place at the center of the back of your pot-holder.

attach hanging tab at the center
attach hanging tab at the center

7. Binding for the pocket:
Take the strip of fabric 1 1/2″x 10″ and pin it to the top of the cupcake pocket with the raw edges aligned and stitch in place with 1/4″ seam allowance. ( photo 1)
Fold the binding over to the back ( photo 2)  and stitch in place ( photo 3)
Finished binding seen from the front ( photo 4)
Trim the ends.

8. Place the quilted pocket piece on top of the backing ,
aligning the side and the bottom raw edges. Clip or pin in place.


9. Round the corners of your pot-holder.
I drew a 1/4 circle at the corners first and then cut it.
here’s a template for the corners, cut it along the black line.

10. Fold the bias tape over 1/4″ at one end of the binding strip and clip or pin in place around the pot-holder with the end overlapping about 1/2″ ( photo 1 ) .
Stitch in place. ( photo 2 ).
Fold the binding over to the backof the pot-holder and then hand stitch in place.

Et voila …. all done.
Thank you so much to Riley Blake Designs for supplying the absolutely adorable
‘From the Heart’ fabric series designed by Sandy Gervais that I used
in this super cute project.
 This pattern is perfect for any 8″x 8″ quilt block.
I can’t wait to see your makes.  How do you like these pot-holders? Happy sewing

Ingrid x

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