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Ingrid Alteneder

Ingrid Alteneder

Hey there, I love fabric, sewing, quilting and most of all Foundation Paper Piecing. Welcome to my blog!

Spring is in the air and Easter around the corner,
I want to introduce you to my new Easter Egg quilt block patterns.
These are really easy and fun to make and will be perfect for using up all those leftover fabric scraps you’ve probably been keeping somewhere in a box or bag for later use.

Let’s get to using some of your cutest scraps.
I like to color coordinate my eggs, but its entirely up to you, you can also make some really colorful eggs as well, or mix and match just two colors in one egg, or use solids, or just stripes or flowers, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity run wild. This Easter Egg pattern consists of three different egg styles.

easter egg quilt block

Materials Needed

Fabric requirements per 6″x 6″ finished quilt block:
– for the background fabric: aprox. 10″ x 10″ piece of fabric
– for the eggs any fabric scraps you have left over ( 12 pieces abt  2″x 3″)

These three different egg versions are so versatile and make it super fun to use those small fabric scraps. If you want, you can use some cute novelty prints and fussy cut them into the eggs for a little more excitement. You could make some ‘I spy’ Easter egg place mats for your Easter meals. Wouldn’t that be super adorable?  Of course a table runner would be equally fantastic.


Let’s make one egg together….
I’m going to show you how to make one of the eggs.
I’m choosing orange, since I have quite some orange scraps leftover and also because I haven’t made an orange egg yet.

The egg block size is going to be 6″x 6″ (plus 1/4″ seam allowance so it will be a 6″x 6″ finished block) and it’s  really quick and easy to make.


Foundation Paper Piecing Video Tutorial

A whole bunch of orange fabric scraps and the cut out pattern segments,
that’s all I need for the kaleidoscope egg version.
Fabric requirements are :
– 10″x 10″ fabric for the background
– and 12 little scraps of 2″x 3″

There are 4 segments in this pattern. Sew up each segment as you would in any foundation paper piecing pattern. If you’re new to foundation paper piecing, there’s a tutorial with step by step pictures here on my website, or a detailed video tutorial here.

I think I will be making a rainbow Easter egg table runner and will keep you all posted on the details. For now you can enjoy these colorful eggs and decide for yourselves what to make out of them.
Happy Easter to all of you. xo


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