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Ingrid Alteneder

Hey there, I love fabric, sewing, quilting and most of all Foundation Paper Piecing. Welcome to my blog!


Sometimes connection happens in the most unexpected ways.
This happened when I first saw Natalie Santini’s profile on Instagram @sewhungryhippie
you could even say it was love at first sight, literally.

‘I believe we’re all interconnected, to each other and to the Earth-more than we realize.’- this is Natalie’s quote and she’s 100% right.

I love her quirky, fun and colorful sewing projects, photos, patterns and general approach to life.
She has some fantastic items and projects in her shop, and the thing that really caught my attention are her fun and bright colored vinyls and patterns with them.
So immediately there was a pattern idea that popped into my head and Natalie was on the same page right away.
And we created the ‘ TWO PIECE POUCH’ #twopiecepouch

a super practical and pretty wet bag for BIKINI/SWIMMSHORTS
This is a fab combination of foundation paper piecing and vinyl.
Natalie’s fantastic way of sewing a beautiful pouch with vinyl
and two of my summer, beach quilt block patterns make some useful and fantastic pouches.
I am sure it happened to you as well, you spend all day at the beach, want to pack your things but all the swimsuits are still wet, so you wrap them in the towels.
When you get home, the towels are moist, the pages of your book or magazines are wet and roll themselves.
And to top it all off, one of you ( I’m not pointing fingers 🙂 forgot to close the lid of your sunscreen all the way, so it’s spilled nicely all over your beach bag.

Needless to say these problems will all be solved, when you store your wet bikini or shorts perfectly in this pretty vinyl pouch.
Your beach bag and all the rest of your stuff stays nice and dry, clean and safe.
Plus you will be the hit at the pool or beach with this adorable #twopiecepouch.

This pattern shows you step by step how to sew a vinyl pouch, as well as two
unusual quilt blocks . The instructions are for two different quilt block sizes each,
as well as two diffferent pouch sizes.
The pouches don’t have open vinyl seams, but awesome binding covered seams inside.

#twopiecepouch , binding covered inside seams

awesome binding covered inside seams
#twopiecepouch bikini and shorts, foundation paper piecing vinyl pouch

#twopiecepouch bikini and swimshorts
Get your sewing machine ready and make yourself some stunning
beach-bikini-swimmshorts wet bags.
Shop the pattern here.
And if you share them on social media why not use #twopiecepouch
so we can cheer your makes 🙂

happy sewing
Natalie and Ingrid xx

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