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Ingrid Alteneder

Hey there, I love fabric, sewing, quilting and most of all Foundation Paper Piecing. Welcome to my blog!

Oh, when I saw this new fabric line from Riley Blake Design called Ahoi Mermaids! by Melissa Mortenson, I just new I had to design a matching pattern. This mermaid pattern comes in three different quilt block sizes and it will be perfect for too many quilting projects. I think I need to make a mini quilt for my youngest daughter.

And just because these Mermaids are so cute and pretty,
here are some Mermaid facts or stories:

1. The earliest mention of a Mermaid legend comes from Syria.

The woman’s name was Atargatis. Apparently she was beautiful and powerful and fell in love with a shepherd boy. After she had his baby girl Semiranis the boy died and Atargatis became depressed and very , very sad. So she decided to throw herself in the ocean.
But because of her beauty, the gods saved her and changed her into a Mermaid, with only her lower body being transformed into a fishtail.

Mermaid quilt block
Mermaid quilt block

2. The name Mermaid literally means ‘woman of the sea’
The old English word Mer means sea and maid means woman… There we go Mermaid,
ahh woman of the sea 🙂

3. The aquamarine is said to be made out of a mermaids tears 

4. Seacows or Manatees were often mistaken for Mermaids.
Many lonely and maybe drunken sailor saw these huge mammals and thought they were Mermaids. Christopher Columbus was said to have seen ‘ ugly and fat Mermaids’.
I mean can you blame Christopher Columbus or the sailors? Months at a time at sea… but then again apparently only 5% of the ocean has been explored, so who knows for sure.

Mermaid quilt block
Mermaid quilt block

5. A Mermaids kiss gives you gills.

According to an old folks tale, if you kiss a Mermaid you can breathe under water.6. The color of a Mermaids tail depicts her mood.
You be the judge, because whatever color a Mermaids tail is, is a clear sign of her mood.
And of course it totally reflects her personality… well if  was a Mermaid what color tail would I have ?

Mermaid quilt block
Mermaid quilt block

Thank you so much to Riley Blake Designs for supplying the absolutely adorable
Ahoi Mermaids!  fabric series designed by Melissa Mortenson that I used
for these adorable Mermaid quilt blocks. So what color tail will your Mermaid have?
Happy swimming… ahh sewing

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