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Hey there, I love fabric, sewing, quilting and most of all Foundation Paper Piecing. Welcome to my blog!

A quilted book cover is not only extremely pretty on your coffee table, it also comes in very handy if your reading is as ‘deep’ as mine. Life is serious enough, so I sometimes enjoy ‘easy’ literature also called romance novels. Especially on holidays, or to wind down after a long day.

But obviously not everyone needs to know what I’m reading, right? Literally no one needs to judge my book by it’s cover :-)So why not sew yourself a fun and easy, adjustable, quilted fabric book cover
with the sunglasses quilt block pattern of mine? Perfect right?

Materials/ fabrics needed:

> the finished sunglasses quilt block ( or any other )
> fabric for the outer book cover (approx. 10″x 20″ including quilt block depending on book size)
> fabric for  the lining ( approx. 10″x 20″ depending on book size)
> fusable light weight batting ( 10″x 20″ depending on book size)
> 10″ elastic band
> ruler, clips, scissors, thread and sewing machine

I use a 1/4″ seam allowance unless noted otherwise.

fabric book cover pattern

The size of your fabric depends on the size of your book.
I made my book cover to fit most average size hard cover novels,
which is roughly 5 1/2 “x 8″ with a 1” spine. The book cover is adjustable in length.This is how you calculate the total size of your fabrics and batting needed:
> total length will be:
book front + spine + book back + 2 x 3 1/2″ fold + 1/2″ seam allowance
> total width (hight or top to bottom) will be:
hight of book + 1″ .

fabric book cover materials
quilted, fabric book cover materials

The sunglasses quilt block I used is 8″x 8″ finished, I added a strip of fabric 2 1/2″
to the right and a piece of fabric 9 1/2″ to the left.
I also added a 1″ strip of some very cute selvage to the bottom.
The finished piece of outer fabric is 9″ x 19 1/2″ , same size for lining and batting

quilted fabric book cover pattern
elastic placement

Iron on the fusable batting to the outer book cover fabric then clip the elastic band at about 2″ from the back edge of the book (if your size is different then this one) or 6″ from the outer edge ( the short side of the fabric).
I did some hand stitching around my glasses, you could also quilt the outer fabric with  simple straight line quilting, or what ever quilting you prefer.
Now place outer fabric and lining, right sides together and clip or pin
( I prefer clips) in place.

cut off edges , fabric book cover pattern
Cut off the edges for nicer corners.
quilted fabric book cover pattern

Turn the book cover through the opening on the side, and close the opening,
by folding the seam allowance inside and stitching the opening close with a 1/8″ seam from edge.
Fold in the front pocket 3″ – 3 1/2″ and stitch top and bottom with 1/8″ seam.
Fold the back pocket under the elastic. And well done your adjustable, quilted book cover is finished.


This quilted book cover will be a wonderful addition if you’re gifting a book or will work just as well for a diary or note book.

Any other ideas? Let me know.
I cant wait to see what you guys come up with. Share your creations on social media and use #joejuneandmae so I can cheer your makes.

happy sewing
Ingrid xx

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