Welcome to my quilting world of Foundation Paper Piecing

Home is Frankfurt right now, where I live with my husband, our three children and three kittens 🙂

I love fabric, any kind of fabric.
Printed, embroidered, embellished, you name it, anything to do with fabric or yarn sparks my attention.

I worked with fabrics all of my adult live, including being a fashion buyer and CEO of my own fashion label.
After leaving the fashion industry, I continued to work with fabrics, first as a teacher and then as a quilt block designer.

Quilting has been my hobby since high school and foundation paper piecing is the icing on the cake.
Being exposed to a deeply rooted quilting community in Canada while living there for a long time,
let me quickly evolve from simple shapes, such as squares and triangles, to more detailed blocks,
such as paper-pieced animals, plants, fairytale motifs and so much more.

I’m not a minimalist and was always drawn to rich colors and designs.
My love for bright colors and unique fabric combinations may be a bit much for some,
but I go by the Iris Apfel quote :”More is more, less is a bore.”

Foundation paper piecing is a patchwork technique that allows you to create pictures with small pieces of fabric.
It lets you sew those small pieces easily and accurately while being quite simple at the same time.
It may seem daunting at first, but once you grasp the general idea of the concept, it’s actually really fun, relaxing and may prove to be addictive. And, for me, another favorite part of paper piecing quilt blocks is speed.
You can create some stunning handmade pieces without having to invest the time in sewing an entire quilt.
Paper-pieced quilt block patterns are perfect for wall hangings, table runners, mug rugs,
pillowcases, bags or framed art and so much more.
These blocks here in my shop give you ample of opportunity to be creative and turn them into something
very special and personal.

Don’t be shy in your color combinations, grab your sewing machine and fabrics and let get sewing …


Ingrid Alteneder
Mobil +49 (0) 172 6912964