10 ways to celebrate Halloween this year…

Halloween quilt block pattern

Halloween quilt block pattern
This year Hallooween will be very special.
A full moon, a blue moon, daylight saving time, Saturday celebrations plus the unprecedented events of this year will make Halloween 2020 one day/night to remeber.
So much has changed, but the love for spooky, scary and fun delight is as strong as ever.
So lets see how we can celebrate this Halloween in a safe, fun and special way.
1. Small group Party
Invite a small group of your closest friends or family and have an unforgettable get together under the light of the blue moon. How about a Halloween picnic or a Halloween hide and seek?2. Zoom Party
Why not coordinate a neighborhood Zoom Party with a costume contest, games and scary stories? Everyone can plan goody bags ahead of time and they can be dropped off on doorsteps in advance.

3. Candy games with your kids
Use your imagination and hide candy all over the house, maybe even inside and out.
Kids can win prizes for finding the candy. How about you create different theme rooms in your house and organize a Halloween scavenger hunt? Make a gift certificate to stay up late and watch a movie.

4. Fun and memorable photos
This year will be a very special Halloween. Don’t forget to take ‘once in a blue moon Halloween’ photos. Make sure you show off all your fantastic Halloween decorations.
Now is the perfect time to sew some of your favorites. Use these photos to mail out some fun Halloween cards. Anyone will be happy to receive a spooky card at any time.5. Scary memory videos
How about some fun, spooky and scary Tik Tok videos. Show off your fantastic costumes.
Maybe dress the family as a theme or all members the same?
Let your imagination run wild!

6.Halloween Karaoke
We all have those Halloween hit lists with Thriller or Monster Mash. Organize a Karaoke night with your family inside or with a small group of your closest friends in the backyard.
Your neighbors might enjoy to cheer you on.

7. Pumpkin carving Party
Every family member or friend carves his won special pumpkin. Organize a contest with prizes, photos and videos.
May the best carver win.8. Halloween Pinata
Pinatas are always a fun way to entertain children. Fill your favorite Halloween Pinata with tons of candy. Organize a game night for your kids and the pinata will be the final prize of the night!

9. Cook a bloody Dinner
Don’t just cook the Halloween dinner beforehand, but make it a dinner cooking Halloween night.  Your could make feet loaf, hot dog mummies a pumpkin puking guaamole or a berry eye ball punch. Dress up and cook together, celebrate the cooking and stay in your character, with the language, accent and more. Take tons of photos to remeber this special night.

10. Online murder mystery Party
Invite your friends and family to dress up in their costume and join the mystery fun. Design your own murder mystery party or sign up for one online.

Halloween quilt block pattern

Halloween quilt block pattern
Do you have any more ideas for a ‘once in a blue moon Halloween night’ ?
Let me know your suggestions….Shop all the HALLOWEEN patterns here.
And show me your makes with #jjmhalloween

Most of all have tons of fun this year
Ingrid xoxo

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